David Anthony is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry.

His career began as the singer for a heavy metal band in 2002. The group tasted some success, garnering sponsorships from Hot Topic, Jnco Jeans, Jagermeister, and other large corporations. They toured nationally, played the Jagermeister music tour, shared the stage with Saliva, Head P.E., Breaking Benjamin, worked with Dave Chavari of Ill Nino (Roadrunner Records) to produce a track for a music video produced and directed by Dale Restighini (Lil’ Wayne, Mudvayne) and shot by David S. Brodsky (Suicide Silence, White Chapel).

After finding himself displeased with the position of a musician in the industry, David quit the band in 2004 to transition into video production. After landing a job in producing commercials for local businesses at Charter Media, he paid his way through school to study Computing and Networking Technology.

After some moderate success in the video industry, David’s real break came when he crossed paths with (what was at the time) a little known, unsigned metal act called “Iwrestledabearonce”. It wasn’t long after the first music video received more than a million hits on Youtube that both he and the band were catapulted forward in their respective fields. After the group signed to Century Media Records, David was hired for another round with them, which rotated on Mtv2, Fuse, and premiered on Myspace’s Official Music Page… Back when people still used Myspace.

But it was still the music industry. Everything that didn’t fit him about the business as an artist was still mostly present as a video producer. So he transitioned again: This time into independent and underground film.

CouchCutter.com was launched in 2009 as a blog that paid homage to classic cult films. Through a series of exclusive trailer premieres, provocative interviews with industry insiders, and an engaged presence in Social Media, the site has staked a claim in the genre’s loyal audience. David often uses this platform to advocate for the independent filmmakers of today. In 2012, CouchCutter TV was announced, a new on-demand television platform available in over 3 million homes developed to compliment the site’s ambitious programming schedule, produced solely by independent filmmakers.

David’s experience with this venture revealed a lot of needs within the greater independent film community. In an attempt to fill these needs, WorkingIndie.com beta was launched after 8 months of development in 2013.