The Smart Path To Establishing Clear Goals

Apr 24th, 2015 Blog David Anthony

As a business owner, you are confronted with countless decisions every day. If you are like many of us, you find yourself “reinventing the wheel” every time an issue comes up, never sure if you are making the right decision, always kicking yourself for all of the options you didn’t try and the ones you did and lost money on. How do you decide whether…

Alexander the Great

Operations Management In Service Industries

Apr 13th, 2015 Blog David Anthony

Many historians and other war pundits love to talk about the impact of great military battles, but generals with feet on the ground will often tell you: “Winning is all about logistics”. This implies that cutting off an opponent’s supply line to food, materials, and reinforcements will spell their end, regardless of how fierce an army they are. Same with a business: It doesn’t matter…


Can Your Business Afford A “Low-Cost” Strategy?

Apr 9th, 2015 Blog David Anthony

Harvard Business School Professor and Strategist at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Michael Porter gave us three types of generic competitive strategies: 1. Cost Leadership 2. Differentiation 3. Focus Our discussion will be limited to the first two, as “Focus” encompasses (roughly speaking) hyper-realized implementations of “Cost Leadership” and “Differentiation” in industry segments. As the names suggest, 99% of businesses are limited to competing…


Franklin D. Roosevelt And The Wolves

Mar 27th, 2015 Blog David Anthony

Wolf packs thrive on fear. If a buffalo or elk stands its ground against a pack of wolves and fights, it has a high likelihood of survival. But if the wolves can induce their victims to run, it’s over with. Wolves are built to kill running prey, it’s in their genes, it’s what they are made for. So on every kill, their job is to…